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Dondero spreading disinformation

Dondero anti-Muslims views are oblivious. He said Muslims practice brother and sister marriage even though it strictly prohibited in Sharia Law. Hat Tip to KN@PPSTER. Eric Dondero said… You know Chuck, that sounds like a sny off-the-wall statement, but there … Continue reading

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Eric Dondero belief about Race

Eric Dondero is a firm believer in the Bell Curve like David Duke as well as believe that races are more different then appearances. Eric Dondero said… Correction Right Guy. Northern Europeans containt a tiny trace of Neandertal DNA. Which … Continue reading

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Rick Santorum Iowa Speech

It time to take a break from exposing Eric Dondero to watch a Rick Santorum speech.

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Eric Dondero don’t like DADT repeal

Dondero is used by the media to paint Ron Paul as homophobic. He showed himself as pro-gay even though he not. The following comments on one of his blogs post prove it: Eric Dondero said… Yes, they have been serving. … Continue reading

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Eric Dondero want Meca destory

Eric Dondero posts a comment in one of his blog posts saying: Eric Dondero said… It’s not our choice. We either fight the war or we surrender.Islam has declared a never-ending war on the United States. We will be fighting … Continue reading

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The Dondero Debacle

Dondero run against Ron Paul a while back. The blog  THE DIVIDIST® PAPERS has recorded the entire debacle. Here  a excerpt: Eric Dondero? Are you serious? Why don’t you go to and see what they have to say about … Continue reading

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Eric Dondero Poll

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